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SIKIA is a public‐private partnership project centered around knowledge and information in the rice value chain of the SAGCOT area in Tanzania. SIKIA analyzes geodata acquired from satellites, multispectral agronomic data acquired from drone, and field data acquired from agronomists. The data is processed into three information services which are provided to smallholder farmers and agribusinesses:

  1. Plot specific crop advice on growth conditions in specific plots;
  2. Agribusiness support on improving planning and efficiency based on geo-referenced rice maps;
  3. Agronomic advice on good agricultural practices and weather information disseminated by radio.

The information services enable farmers to make better decisions on enhancing their productivity and to increase yield, income, and access to market resulting in improved farmer-agribusiness connectivity.

TechForce is the lead partner of SIKIA and responsible for overall project management of this public‐private partnership which further consists of Milan Innovincy, Kilimo Trust and Kadaster International. The project is financed by the Netherlands Space Office and AGRA.

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