CSR Policy

Vision and Mission
TechForce Innovations provides services to companies, knowledge institutes and NGOs in various branches to advance R&D and international projects. We do this through applying for funding and supporting our clients and partners with project management services. We see these services as means to realize innovative solutions and sustainable economic development. Because we believe that with the entrepreneurial spirit of TechForce Innovations and our partners, we can responsibly make a difference.

Besides that our aim is to promote positive impact with our business, we also aim to rule out or minimize negative impacts. When working on projects, before, during and after implementation, we identify and prioritize risks that could  potentially harm society and environment. The following core values are leading for our approaches and services.

Core values

  • Partnership: Be a valuable and knowledgeable partner to our clients and have a sound understanding of the interests of all partners and stakeholders in projects.
  • Quality: Deliver high quality services and support to clients and partners and provide complete and motivated project proposals and reports that receive high appraisals.
  • Integrity: Take care of timely and accurate project administration to allow for transparent project management and have open communication and information provision to all involved parties.
  • Ambitious: Invest in relations with new and existing clients, partners and funding programs to jointly explore and utilize project opportunities; be different in the niche in which we operate and promote sustainability and social impacts in the projects.

People, Planet, Profit

Within our own organization and also when working on projects for clients or with partners we take care of a sound business case so that our business as well as the project is sustainable in the long term. We also highly care about the effect of our services on peoples wellbeing within and outside our organization. Furthermore we work on minimizing negative impact on the planet, both on small scale (recycling waste and increased digitalization of documents) and on large scale (managing technology projects aimed at environmental sustainability). We believe that people, planet and profit go together and increasingly we try to combine them in our business and try to also move others to do so. Currently our goal on CSR is therefore to create awareness among our stakeholders about their role in and responsibilities for society.

Key aspects

We cooperate with experts to assess environmental issues such as biodiversity, emissions, land degradation and scarcity of raw materials.

In the value chains we are working, we insist that human rights are respected, child labor is excluded, working conditions are safe and fair wages are paid to workers.

We feel it is important that fair trade is pursued, meaning that markets should not be disturbed, fair prices should be paid to producers and consumers’ rights, safety and health are always priority.

We find integrity a key value on which we always base our work. We take care that (intellectual) property rights are respected.

CSR and stakeholders

TechForce Innovations greatly values quality, integrity and ambition, not only for itself but also for its stakeholders. Therefore we recognize that we have responsibilities towards clients, partners, employees and shareholders.


  • When doing business with clients we share and discuss relevant CSR aspects with them to create awareness about the importance of CSR.
  • In case we work with partners in project partnerships we emphasize the urgency of a CSR policy, and request that they have or develop such a policy.
  • When working with suppliers we increasingly pay attention to the sustainability of their products and try to make responsible choices.
  • For our employees we aim to create an inspiring, pleasant and safe working environment. We continuously offer knowledge- and skill development possibilities. Also we try to create awareness among employees about CSR and give them the opportunity to indicate their CSR issues and suggestions.
  • We want to ensure that investments of our shareholders are decently invested in projects promoting sustainable economic development, generating acceptable returns.

Due Diligence

For the development and implementation of our CSR policy we make grateful use of the expertise of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands) of which we are a member. Also the SER (Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands) provides a useful roadmap for CSR Risk management in doing business. Especially when working on international projects in developing countries due diligence is an urgent issue. Therefore we carefully take into account the OECD Guidelines, ISO26000 and the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights outline.

We always work on a demand driven base and we highly value stakeholder dialogue to ensure that we provide society with sustainable solutions. Notwithstanding we thoroughly work to rule out negative impacts, there always consists the possibility of unrehearsed adverse results of our or our partners’ work. In case this occurs we will work together with involved parties or insist others to work on a reasonable solution.

During the implementation of international projects we ensure knowledge and experience is transferred to locals helping them to take ownership and responsibility after the project term, assuring that the project results will have long-lasting effects beyond the project.