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In Rwanda, the sugarcane industry is facing a multitude of challenges. There is a shortage of suitable land available for sugarcane agriculture restricts production and yields are constrained by severe flooding of the Nyaborongo river and the stagnation of water on existing land, forcing Rwanda to import much of its sugar and leaving consumers highly dependent on volatile prices. With a growing population and increasing consumer expenditure, both domestically and regionally, Rwanda risks missing a crucial opportunity to grow a local industry with great potential.

TechForce is the lead partner of this Public Private Partnership and responsible for overall project management of this public‐private partnership which further consists of Kabuye Sugar Works, Royal HaskoningDHV, Milan Innovincy, Karisimbi Business Partners, Wageningen University (Department of Environmental Sciences), Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources of the Republic of Rwanda. The project is financed by the Dutch Facility for Food Security and Entrepreneurship (FDOV) as well as by Kabuye Sugar Works.

The PPP develops and implements intervention strategies on water management, precision agriculture, capacity development and organization of smallholder farmers. This project won the award for ‘Best Public-Private-Partnership Award 2014’, presented by The Partnership Verkiezing which is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch development bank FMO and social enterprise The Punchy Pack.