Your innovation partner

Since 1987 TechForce is a partner for subsidy and innovation advice of innovative businesses (start-up, SME and multinational), knowledge institutes and non-profit organizations. TechForce focuses on achieving concrete results within the journey of developing new technologies and partnerships. We immerse ourselves in new technology, business and organizational approaches. Through this in combination with our knowledge of regional, national and international funding schemes, we pursue to develop winning projects. We reap appreciation from our clients, collaborative partners and donors.

It is our vision that we want to further increase impact of innovations, beyond having a funding solutions for an innovative project. Projects aim at achieving a result based on available resources. Additional financial support may help to achieve better commercial opportunities or wider applicability of newly developed products, since additional funds allow for additional efforts in R&D, marketing or sales. A clearly structured and well-sustained project plan or business plan enables more effective communication with potential investors, collaborative partners or market parties. Our working area includes sustainable energy, water, ICT, robotics, serious gaming, high-end design and many more sectors.

TechForce is your partner for the long term. By understanding your business and technologies, we can start making connections in our network that allow for additional value creation. We want to unburden you to the best extent possible by taking an active approach, and always pursue high levels of service and quality, knowing that mediocrity is not good enough for us and our clients.